Problem Importing a TXT File

I have a workbook named 05-03-31. It contains information for the first
quarter of this year. Sheet 1 references cells on Sheet 2. Sheet 2 was
created by importing a TXT file. I thought I had accomplished something
wonderful at that time.
I now have a new TXT file with second quarter data. I opened the first
quarter workbook, 05-03-31 and saved it as 05-06-30, so now I have a
second quarter workbook. When I Import the second quarter TXT file into
the second quarter workbook it creates a Sheet 3. On Sheet 1 can I
globally change all the references to Sheet 2 to Sheet 3?
I tried deleting Sheet 2 and then importing the new data into a new
Sheet 2. This imported the data onto Sheet 2 properly but on Sheet 1
all the references to Sheet 2 were now 'errors'.
I am open to any method that will get me up and going as I will have
this problem again when I attempt the third quarter data
Thanks for any and all help.

trvlnmny (24)
7/11/2005 8:58:38 PM
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"mike" <> wrote in message
>I have a workbook named 05-03-31. It contains information for the first
> quarter of this year. Sheet 1 references cells on Sheet 2. Sheet 2 was
> created by importing a TXT file. I thought I had accomplished something
> wonderful at that time.
> I now have a new TXT file with second quarter data. I opened the first
> quarter workbook, 05-03-31 and saved it as 05-06-30, so now I have a
> second quarter workbook. When I Import the second quarter TXT file into
> the second quarter workbook it creates a Sheet 3. On Sheet 1 can I
> globally change all the references to Sheet 2 to Sheet 3?

Yes, easily. In Sheet 1, Find and Replace. Find "Sheet2" and Replace All 
"Sheet 3". (Obviously without the quotes, and substitute the exact names of 
your sheets)


gordon7598 (483)
7/11/2005 9:13:41 PM

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