Move worksheets into separate workbooks

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10/24/2006 2:44:02 PM
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Lot of info

Try this

Regards Ron de Bruin

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10/24/2006 2:58:01 PM
Many, many thanks Ron.  That macro worked brillantly and saved me from a very 
tedious job.  Thanks, again

"Ron de Bruin" wrote:

> Lot of info
> Try this
> -- 
> Regards Ron de Bruin
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10/26/2006 7:51:03 PM

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I have a worksheet that has data for up to 50 technicians. Each location gets this workbook and may have from 3-50 technicians. I'd like to create a macro/formula that lets each location enter the number of technicians, and then will hide the unneeded worksheets. The workbook has a summary page, (worksheet one), fifty individual technician pages (worksheets 2-51) and a setup page (worksheet 52). Data is entered on each technicians page. What I would like is for the location to entry a number in a cell or from a macro prompt that asks how many locations they have. Based on that respon...

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Is there a way I can read the information from all excel books in a given folder? The number of books and their name may vary from time to time. The folder consists of up to fifty different books, but the amount of information i each book is limited. (Excel 2000) ..... Regards Havard Rye I have some examples Havard on this page -- Regards Ron de Bruin (Win XP Pro SP-1 XL2000-2003) "H. Rye" <> wrote in message news:bt408f$jkr$ > > Is there a way I can read the information f...

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