Move/Copy A Row Based on Formulas to a New Worksheet

I want to move several rows of sub-totals (averages within sub-groups) to a 
summary worksheet, but I get the Ref error. How can I copy sub-group averages 
to another worksheet?

Thank you.
mtrplato (3)
11/19/2004 7:07:04 PM
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high light and copy.
select where you want it.
edit>paste special>values.
this will turn you formulas into hard numbers.
you are getting the #Ref error because on the other sheet 
where you pasted the formulas, the formula no longer had 
the same references that they had on the other sheet.
for example:
=sum(a1:a10) in cell a11
you copy and paste on another sheet at cell a1.
excell tries to compensate but no longer has 10 cell above 
the formula. #Ref results. excel lost it's references that 
in had on the other sheet.

>-----Original Message-----
>I want to move several rows of sub-totals (averages 
within sub-groups) to a 
>summary worksheet, but I get the Ref error. How can I 
copy sub-group averages 
>to another worksheet?
>Thank you.
anonymous (74722)
11/19/2004 8:34:44 PM

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