Macro Error when moved Xcel Sheets from User's Home Dir to Networ

Xcel spreadsheets Copied from User's Network Home Folder to Another Network 
copy  \\network\home\userA\*x.s  \\network\REPGROUP

Getting "object variable or with block.."
What else I need to copy, when copying from one network location to another.

I reverted back to old way, still same problem


Basheer (1)
4/28/2005 2:49:21 PM
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Use FileCopy to copy files.

"Basheer" <> wrote in message
| Hello
| Xcel spreadsheets Copied from User's Network Home Folder to Another 
| Folder.
| copy  \\network\home\userA\*x.s  \\network\REPGROUP
| Getting "object variable or with block.."
| What else I need to copy, when copying from one network location to 
| I reverted back to old way, still same problem
| Thanks
| Basheer

jrrech (1932)
4/29/2005 3:45:46 PM

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