Locking Formulas to Cells

I don't know if I am using the correct terminology but this is what 
want to do:  I have placed formulas in multiple columns that calculat
my sales numbers for a bid.  The problem I am running into is that 
change the bids for every person and when I clear a cell is clears th
formula from it as well.  Is there a way for me to clear cells withou
deleting the formula I have placed inside it?  I know that I can jus
grab the first cell in the column and drag it down to re-load th
formula in that column but I don't want to have to do that.  I want th
formulas permenant and the data I enter to be able to be changed.

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3/22/2006 4:45:32 PM
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You can do Edit | Go to (or F5) then click Special and Constants, then
when you click OK only the cells which contain numbers (no formulae)
will be highlighted. Then you can just press the <delete> key to  clear

You might also want to think about unlocking the cells where your data
is entered and then protecting the worksheet (no need for a password)
to prevent accidental deletion of a formula.

Hope this helps.


pashurst (2576)
3/22/2006 5:02:18 PM

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