hey ya'll how do i auto sum a cell using the letter x instaed of .

hey ya'll how do i auto sum a colum using the letter x instead of using a 

jrod98 (1)
10/25/2004 9:25:04 PM
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To count number of "x"es


Gord Dibben Excel MVP

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 14:25:04 -0700, jrod98 <jrod98@discussions.microsoft.com>

>hey ya'll how do i auto sum a colum using the letter x instead of using a 

10/25/2004 10:10:32 PM
Gord answered but I couldn't resist asking what the sum of x and x is?
Sinister Rod Serling music here.

Don Guillett
SalesAid Software
"jrod98" <jrod98@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> hey ya'll how do i auto sum a colum using the letter x instead of using a
> number

10/25/2004 10:53:21 PM

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Hi all, Is it possible to write a VBA code to sort excel cells by colors, and the followed by other criterias, as in the normal sort? Thank you in advance. Hi SwiftCode, See Chip Pearson's Sorting By Color page at: http://www.cpearson.com/excel/SortByColor.htm --- Regards, Norman "swiftcode" <swiftcode@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message news:FC1550A7-A8DD-4EC0-B171-F1DB4373C35C@microsoft.com... > Hi all, > > Is it possible to write a VBA code to sort excel cells by colors, and the > followed by other criterias, as in the normal sort?...

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