help creating budget roll-up from multiple spreadsheets and updating with actuals monthly

I'm searching for the best solution for our budgeting and monthly
reporting.  I have decent excel skills but don't know how to write VBA
and have never used arrays.  I have created simple pivot tables.  I
don't have any access training.

My reporting is done once annually when we create the unit budget and
then monthly with a comparison to actuals.

At budget time, I receive 156 different spreadsheets with the
budgets.  See Exhibit A below.  I would just receive the budget
numbers at this time.  Currently, I manually type the Project totals
into one master spreadsheet.  See Exhibit B below (only budget nos. at
this time)  Any ideas on how to copy/merge/other function ??? the
totals of each budget into one spreadsheet.  It would be nice too if I
could use these spreadsheets as the basis for my monthly actual

Once a month, I pull ytd actual expenses off a data warehouse.  These
expenses each have an object code assigned to them.  Each object code
rolls up to a different expense categories.  I can convert the object
codes using a vlookup table.  For example, object codes 235 and 236
both roll-up to the travel expense category.

The download looks like this simplified:

Proj No.     Obj Code    Posting Date   Amount   Description Fund
23               235            1/23/08            100
Nittany Lion travel

Here's my dilemma, how can I "automate" preparing a report that will
look like Exhibit A below?  I would need 156 of these.

Exhibit A
XYZ Project
Project No. 23

Expense      0708 Budget    0708 Actual    Variance
Travel            500                     150
Books            200                     50
Repairs          400                     100
Rents            600                      200

Total            1700                      500

I then have to create a monthly report that totals all of these by
project numbers.  The report looks like this:

Exhibit B
Project    Name    0708 Budget          0708 Actual        Variance

22           ABC         3000                          500
23           XYZ         1700                         500
24            DEF         2000                         500

Total                       6700                           1500

This one is pretty easy because I can subtotal the download I get from
the data warehouse by project no. and do a vlookup on the project
number.  It's the individual reporting by expense category and
comparing to budget that I'm having trouble with.

I hope this makes sense and I apologize for the length.    Thanks for
any help.
mrd18 (1)
1/28/2008 5:36:22 PM
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