Get Help with Microsoft Office From Paid Experts!!\

Hi Everyone,

My name is Richard Day. I have just launched my new Online Consulting Firm. 
My firm does something that has never been done before - Bring Computing 
Experts and customers together online, in a cost-effective one-on-one 
environment. The environment of the firm is based around a forum. The forum 
style allows users to browse the questions and answers of other members of 
the forums before you ask your own questions.

Please Visit us at We currently offer expert help in 
the following fields:

- NON-WEB LANGUAGES (C/C++, VB, Javascript, Java, C#, VB.NET)
- OPERATING SYSTEMS (Windows 95 thru ME, Windows XP, Linux)
- AUDIO/VISUAL PROGRAMS (Photoshop, more-to-come)
- MICROSOFT OFFFICE (Word, Excel, Power Point, Frontpage, Outlook)
- COMPUTER HARDWARE (Buying a Computer, Repairing a Computer, Building a 
Computer, Wirless Internet)
- HOSTING, DOMAINS, & INSTALLATIONS (Finding a Host, Choosing a Domain)
- VIRUSES, SPYWARE, ADWARE, ETC (Diagnosing a Virus, Software)

And to improve the experience of getting professional help with your 
computer-realted problems, you can provide feedback directly to the expert 
that helped you, and give them an approval rating. 

As an added bonus the first 500 people get a FREE membership to until August 15th.

Thank You,
Richard Day
7/20/2005 3:16:01 AM
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