formula needed #4

Thanks for the help. I like that way a lot better. I actually got a
formula to work, and it probably follows along with the suggested
earlier. It is written with the names of the tabs I had to use, but
maybe someone else will be able to use it. Again, thanks to everyone.

=SUMPRODUCT(--('Call Frequency'!$A$1:$A$50000<>"")/COUNTIF('Call
Frequency'!$A$1:$A$50000,'Call Frequency'!$A$1:$A$50000&""),--('Call
Frequency'!$C$1:$C$50000='Repeat Model Type Breakdown'!A2))

Gary's Student Wrote: 
> You can accomplish your counting without any formulae.
> Step1 - since you can't change Sheet1, copy it into another sheet(say
> Sheet3)
> Step2 - in Sheet3, delete column B (it is useless)
> Step3 - in Sheet3 insert a header row at the very top of the sheet and
> put
> labels ontop of your two columns (Customer and Product)
> Step 4- in Sheet 3 select your two columns and
> Data - Pivot Table -  Next - Next -Layout
> then drag Product into the Row section of the template and drag
> Customer
> into the Data area of the template
> OK - Finish
> The resulting Pivot Table should give you exactly what you want.
> --
> Gary's Student
> "Darrell" wrote:
> -
> Hope I can clarify. Here is an example of what I'm working with.
> Sheet
> One is Raw Data dumped in from a seperate report. Sheet 2 is where
> I'm
> doing all my work. Sheet One can not be changed around because it is
> used by other calculations. Also, Sheet One has 3 columns where
> column
> B is unneeded information. No Cell will actually contain a number. It
> is all Text except for the desired result.
> Customer 1 	Product 1
> 		Product 1
> 		Product 1
> Customer 2 	Product 2
> 		Product 2
> 		Product 2
> Customer 3 	Product 1
> 		Product 1
> 		Product 1
> Product 1    =2
> Product 2    =1
> Product 3    =
> I want the formula, for example, to search for Product 1 (to count
> the
> number of customers using a specific product) on sheet One. When
> seeing
> product 1 in Column C, I want it to check Column A for text. If A is
> populated, then count, so the result for this example would be
> Product
> 1 = 2. The products are listed on Sheet 2 where the result is to be
> posted.
> JulieD Wrote:-
> Hi Darrell
> i'm going to assume you meant, count the number in column A of
> sheet1
> as
> long as the value in column C of sheet 1 is not blank
> formula on Sheet2 is (where the value you're looking up is in cell
> A2)
> =SUMPRODUCT(--(Sheet1!$A$1:$A$100=A2),--(Sheet1!$C$1:$C$100""))
> check out
> for details on the sumproduct function
> --
> Cheers
> JulieD
> check out
> ....well i'm working on it anyway
> "Darrell" wrote in message
> Hello,
> I hope I can explaine this well enough. I am using two worksheets.
> Worksheet 1 is an imported file, worksheet 2 is where all my
> calculations are getting done. Sheet 1 column A  and column C are
> the
> only two columns I need to look at. Sheet 2 has the values of what I
> am
> looking for in sheet 1. All data is also alpha characters. No
> numbers.
> I need a formual to:
> find the value from sheet 2. The value will be repeated several
> times
> on sheet 1. When finding value, count cell in column A as long as
> long
> as it is not blank.
> Thanks for any help you can give.
> --
> Darrell--
> --
> Darrell
> -

5/5/2005 9:25:15 PM
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