Formula #19

I'm not sure how to explain this!

I need a total of the number of times that "G" (no quotes)
appears in the range S4:S1516, based on "Ou" (no quotes)
appearing in the same row, in the range J4:J1516.

Many thanks

10/27/2007 1:04:04 PM
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Gary''s Student - gsnu2007a
GarysStudent (1572)
10/27/2007 1:14:01 PM


"Gary''s Student" <> wrote in message
> =SUMPRODUCT(--(S4:S1516="G"),--(J4:J1516="Ou"))
> -- 
> Gary''s Student - gsnu2007a 

10/27/2007 1:21:09 PM

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