fill all cells in row with one cell entry

I have a range of cells and in that range If I enter any type of text/number 
I want the rest of the row that cell belongs to, to be blacked out or marked 
somehow to show that, that row has an entry in it already.  Is this possible. 
 Please help.  thank you.
9/8/2006 12:04:01 AM
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"jv4_2+1" wrote:
>I have a range of cells and in that range If I enter any type of 
> I want the rest of the row that cell belongs to, to be blacked out or 
> marked
> somehow to show that, that row has an entry in it already.  Is this 
> possible.

Assume range is A1:D5

Select A1:D5 (with A1 active)
Click Format > Conditional Formatting

Under Condition 1, make the setting as:
Formula is:
Click "Format" > Patterns tab > Black > OK
Click OK at the main dialog

Test it out ..

demechanik (4694)
9/8/2006 2:49:11 AM
Would you like to check out conditional formatting.  Wonder if this is =
what you need.

If above links broken, try the following.


"jv4_2+1" <> wrote in message =
I have a range of cells and in that range If I enter any type of =
I want the rest of the row that cell belongs to, to be blacked out or =
somehow to show that, that row has an entry in it already.  Is this =
 Please help.  thank you.

someone6932 (228)
9/8/2006 2:49:48 AM

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