Excel Row as Header

I am making a table and the top row has all the headings for each column. I 
want this row of headings to appear on each page, since the table extends to 
3 pages and users will be adding rows frequently. Is this possible, and if 
so, how?

thank you

kat (49)
4/2/2008 4:51:00 PM
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Hi Kat,
If you are refering to printed pages, then:
File > Page Setup
Then select the 'Sheet' tab and enter your heading row where it says
'Rows to repeat at top'.
I use XL2000. Other versions might be slightly different.
Regards - Dave.
4/2/2008 6:34:26 PM
And if you're referring to the screen:

Select cell A2
Window>Freeze Panes

Kind regards,

Niek Otten
Microsoft MVP - Excel

"Dave" <davebonallack@hotmail.com> wrote in message news:a20b5442-9da3-4b52-8309-4c2eef8d0a95@8g2000hsu.googlegroups.com...
| Hi Kat,
| If you are refering to printed pages, then:
| File > Page Setup
| Then select the 'Sheet' tab and enter your heading row where it says
| 'Rows to repeat at top'.
| I use XL2000. Other versions might be slightly different.
| Regards - Dave. 

nicolaus (2022)
4/2/2008 7:42:00 PM

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