Drop down box with country list #3

Hi Bob,
Thanks for your good suggestion, appreciate it!

Bob Phillips Wrote: 
> John,
> You could easily find a site with all the countries in, and paste that
> in,
> such as http://dir.yahoo.com/Regional/countries/.
> Linking to a web site would be difficult to incorporate in the DD, plus
> it
> may be off-line, it seems better to me to just copy it down.
> --
> Bob Phillips
> "john liem" john.liem.1p9vhm@news.officefrustration.com wrote in
> message
> news:john.liem.1p9vhm@news.officefrustration.com...-
> Thanks Bob, however what I want is a dropdown which we can find in
> the
> web site applications (e.g. airways ticketing) where we can use
> choose
> a country using the drop down with a complete list of world's
> countries.
> In Data Validation method, I have to re-type all the possible
> country's
> names.
> John.
> Bob Phillips Wrote:-
> Enter the countries in a range (say column M) and then add a Data
> Validation
> (DataValidation) and select the List option with a formula of say
> =M1:M100
> or however many countries
> --
> Bob Phillips
> "john liem" john.liem.1p8hhm@news.officefrustration.com wrote in
> message
> news:john.liem.1p8hhm@news.officefrustration.com...-
> I have an excel application where I need a drop down box with all
> the
> country' names listed, ready to use (like the Microsoft Date and
> Time
> Picker Control). Is there a way to get it and how? John
> --
> john liem--
> --
> john liem-

john liem
5/31/2005 5:14:57 PM
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