date problem

I want to be able to type 110503 and have it show up as 
11/05/03 so I selected that date format.

Problem is when I type 110503 I get 7/19/06.  Is there 
any way to do this?
anonymous (74722)
8/19/2004 9:43:09 PM
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Excel counts the number of days from its base date - in your case I assume
that you are using the 1904 date system - and formats it to look like a
date.  Try entering today's date and then re-formatting it as General - you
should see 36756.  Excel therefore takes your entry of 110503 as day 110503
from the start date of 1/1/1904 which is 19 July 2206 in your selected
format it shows up as 1/19/06



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"D Blount" <> wrote in message
> I want to be able to type 110503 and have it show up as
> 11/05/03 so I selected that date format.
> Problem is when I type 110503 I get 7/19/06.  Is there
> any way to do this?

sandymann (252)
8/19/2004 10:01:43 PM
The format of the cell (other than when set to Text) has no bearing on 
how the parser interprets your input.

For a way to accomplish your objective using an event macro, see

In article <997701c48635$84e7a9e0$a601280a@phx.gbl>,
 "D Blount" <> wrote:

> I want to be able to type 110503 and have it show up as 
> 11/05/03 so I selected that date format.
> Problem is when I type 110503 I get 7/19/06.  Is there 
> any way to do this?
jemcgimpsey (6723)
8/19/2004 10:23:14 PM

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