countif and dates

My spreadsheet includes a column with the date (mm/dd/yr) of the
entry. Can I use countif to count the number of entries that were made
in each month? Thanks, JAF
12/3/2004 3:16:03 AM
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Try this:


Replace the 1 with the appropriate month number.


>-----Original Message-----
>My spreadsheet includes a column with the date (mm/dd/yr) 
of the
>entry. Can I use countif to count the number of entries 
that were made
>in each month? Thanks, JAF
biffinpitt (3172)
12/3/2004 6:01:15 AM
Just a heads up in case there might be blank cells, the formula will count 
blank cells as January


will not


Peo Sjoblom

"Biff" wrote:

> Hi!
> Try this:
> =SUMPRODUCT(--(MONTH(F1:F10)=1))
> Replace the 1 with the appropriate month number.
> Biff
> >-----Original Message-----
> >My spreadsheet includes a column with the date (mm/dd/yr) 
> of the
> >entry. Can I use countif to count the number of entries 
> that were made
> >in each month? Thanks, JAF
> >.
> >
PeoSjoblom (789)
12/3/2004 4:45:01 PM

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