Combo Box


how can i make this code work in Combo Box (Activex Control) to
populate data fields in excel?

I got it to work in Combo Box (Form Control) but it will not work in
Combo box (Activex control).

thank you

Here it's the code:

Dim LINDEX As Integer

Dim LAddress As String
Dim LPhoneNbr As String

Dim LRow As Long
Dim LFound As Boolean

'Retrieve project number number
LINDEX = Range("F30").Value


LFound = False

LRow = 3

Do While LFound = False
'Found matching project, now update address and phone number
information on Sheet2
If Range("A" & LRow).Value = LINDEX Then
LFound = True
LAddress = Range("C" & LRow).Value
LPhoneNbr = Range("C" & LRow).Value

Range("C15").Value = LAddress
Range("C16").Value = LPhoneNbr

'Encountered a blank project number (assuming end of list on Sheet1)
ElseIf IsEmpty(Range("A" & LRow).Value) = True Then
MsgBox ("No match was found for combo box selection.")
Exit Sub
End If

LRow = LRow + 2

Another thing,

is it possible to display heading or 2 column in a list validation box
with macro?

I have chart of account and i want people to pick the account and see
the description of the account just bound to column 1?
attaching attachment too excel file.

my email is:

thank you very much

5/29/2010 4:39:41 PM
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