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In 2003 Excel, you can copy your chart to another sheet within a workbook 
and edit the data. The new graph will reflect the new data of the new sheet. 
In 2007 Excel, when you copy the chart, it will still reference to the 
original data_ you'll have a graph that doesn't match your valueso on the 
same sheet. Please help.
joey3 (1)
8/31/2007 12:20:01 AM
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In XL2003 you need to edit data as you state.
In XL2007 the same applies; right click chart, use the Select Data item on 
popup menu to set new data range
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Bernard V Liengme
Microsoft Excel MVP
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"joey3" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> In 2003 Excel, you can copy your chart to another sheet within a workbook
> and edit the data. The new graph will reflect the new data of the new 
> sheet.
> In 2007 Excel, when you copy the chart, it will still reference to the
> original data_ you'll have a graph that doesn't match your valueso on the
> same sheet. Please help. 

bliengme5824 (3040)
8/31/2007 2:53:12 PM

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