Auto updating pivot tables using external XML data

Hi all,

I'm new to Excel and have been playing with importing XML data and
pivot tables recently.

My goal is this: I have bunch of XML files in a directory. I'd like to
generate pivot tables and "visualize" the data in them. Once my excel
sheet looks good, I'd like to publish it as an HTML file so everyone
else can view it using Internet Explorer.

In fact, I already did all this. Here is the tough part though: These
XML files get updated from time to time. And when I open the Internet
Explorer, I want to see those latest data in XMLs.

In my case, Excel publishes the XML data as well, so the data becomes
static. My question is, how can I enforce the published sheet to make
use of the latest XML data available?

Thanks a lot for all your help!

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3/12/2006 6:29:30 AM
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