Worksheet Revision Date only once that day

I put a revision date in a cell (today's date) when I change a
worksheet.  If I merely print, view or something without actually
changing the worksheet, I do not update the revision date even if I
happen to save it again.

I need the worksheet to automatically update the worksheet revision
date only once for that day and only when the worksheet is changed  (or
only once after it's opened & changed will work just as well).

I am trying to avoid changing the date every time the worksheet is
changed since it's not necessary to change the date to the same date
every time a change is made.  More importantly, changing the revision
date every time the worksheet is changed causes data entry to be

I prefer not to use the today function in a cell that changes every
time the worksheet is opened because the worksheet is not updated every
time it's opened.   Also, doing so causes Excel to prompt to save on
exit of the worksheet when all I've done is printed or viewed the

Any ideas?


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8/15/2005 11:39:50 PM
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