Word found no merge fields in your main document.

I have been having good luck with mail merge but have suddenly
encountered problem merging Excel data into a word document. All goes
well until I elect Entire worksheet. It is at this point, an error?
window opens with this message: Word found no merge fields in your main
document. Choose the edit main Document butto to insert merge fields
into your main document

As this may be more a Word problem, I will post in both areas. Here is
additional information. I have Office 2000 and XP. Recently working
with this same database I created a phone directory. It turns out the
data was old and I have tried to simultaneoulsly make corrections in
the merged document and database.

For another product, I have inserted other columns in the database.

On the Excel workseet in the left hand corner there is a window that
generally displays the cell location. If I click on the arrow, I get
options for Mail_list1, Print_Area (the one thing I believe I may have
created), and Print_Titles.

However, when I am in word>Mail Merge>select datasource, these are the
options supplied. Entire Spreadsheet; _filterDatabase; Mailing_list;
Print Area; 

I have gone through old merge files and deleted them, deleted onld
templates. The only other unusual thing that I did recently was try to
do mail merge in Publisher, but it was not set up to to do querys for
filter or sort, nor was there anything for Next Record. It would
produce the first record multiple times and nothing more, yet after
deleting these pages, when I opened the file it kept trying to locate
the merge data. I copied the mages produced before the merge attempt
and pasted them into a new publisher document and saved it and deleted
the original.

I don't know what the source of the problem is or how to fix it. I was
able to do a merge creating mail labels without any problems. And
previously, I had selected catalogue and it had worked fine. It is a
phone directory which is being created via mail merge> catalogue.

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. And I hope I am not
creating a faux pax posting this in several areas and forums, but I'm
up against a deadline and desparate. Thank you, Trudy McDaniel

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