Why does this date conversion number work?

Hello i had a little problem.... Excel sees a certain date as a date
however has the wrong month/day order:

06/09/2004 sees excel as a date: 6 september, however i mean it to be 

Function Datum_mmddyy(datum As Date) As Date

Datum_mmddyy = Format(datum, "dd/mm/yyyy")

End Function

I now have this function and it actually works in converting th
date... i don't quite understand why though haha as it is formatting..

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6/11/2004 9:27:14 AM
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some ideas:
- check your regional settings for the default date format
- preformat the cell with the correct format for your date 
before entering a value

>-----Original Message-----
>Hello i had a little problem.... Excel sees a certain 
date as a date,
>however has the wrong month/day order:
>06/09/2004 sees excel as a date: 6 september, however i 
mean it to be 9
>Function Datum_mmddyy(datum As Date) As Date
>Datum_mmddyy = Format(datum, "dd/mm/yyyy")
>End Function
>I now have this function and it actually works in 
converting the
>date... i don't quite understand why though haha as it is 
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frank.kabel (11126)
6/11/2004 9:57:44 AM

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