When i save in excelit says document not saved

When i try and save in excel it won't let me, and it won't let me rename the 
file and save it.
MW (19)
3/3/2005 9:27:01 AM
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Is your file set to Read Only?

To change this, go into Windows Explorer, find the folder containing your 
file, right click the filename and left click "Properties"

Now, remove the checkmark from "Read Only", go back into Excel and try again.

Hope this helps


Click on File, Save As, then click the "Tools" button at the top left of the 
dialog box.

"MW" wrote:

> When i try and save in excel it won't let me, and it won't let me rename the 
> file and save it.
PeterRooney (105)
3/3/2005 9:57:02 AM

Are you on a network and message reads....

"file isn't accessible
unavailable volume or invalid password."

If so..........

Reports indicate the issue is caused by Windows XP update Q885250.
Uninstalling it appears to resolve the problem.

To uninstall Q885250 go to Control Panels>Add Remove and click on "Show

Scroll to Q885250 and uninstall it.

If not the above............

Check out these threads on google.


Gord Dibben Excel MVP

On Thu, 3 Mar 2005 01:27:01 -0800, "MW" <MW@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote:

>When i try and save in excel it won't let me, and it won't let me rename the 
>file and save it.

3/3/2005 11:29:15 PM

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