What is the formula for series: Jan-04, Feb-04, Mar-04, etc.?

Kitty (7)
10/13/2004 5:25:06 PM
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Hi Kitty,



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Niek Otten

Microsoft MVP - Excel

"kitty" <kitty@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 

nicolaus (2022)
10/13/2004 5:40:49 PM
Hi kitty,

One way of doing it is with the formula below:

If you have a date is cell A1 (01/01/04) and you want cell B1 to sho
you the following month insert in B1 the formula below.


You may have to install the "add in" the ToolPak in order for th
formula to work other wise you will get a #NAME?, error. Hope thi


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10/13/2004 5:52:40 PM

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