VLOOKUP issue #2

If I use a vlookup function, can I have three result cells? In othe
words, if the value in a1 is found in the lookup table and there ar
three columns (offsets) that could be used as correct answers, can 
display all three

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6/24/2004 7:01:37 PM
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Yes, you can use


assuming you don't want the value from the leftmost column, you need to
select 3 columns across
(like if you would select E2:G2 with E2 as the active cell), then enter the
formula in the formula bar and instead pressing enter press ctrl + shift &

or you could use


put that in one cell and copy it across 2 more cells

note that I made the lookup value absolute or else it would change from A1
to B1 etc



Peo Sjoblom

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"Barrym >" <<Barrym.18dckn@excelforum-nospam.com> wrote in message
> If I use a vlookup function, can I have three result cells? In other
> words, if the value in a1 is found in the lookup table and there are
> three columns (offsets) that could be used as correct answers, can I
> display all three?
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terre08 (1112)
6/24/2004 7:18:03 PM
Barrym wrote:
> *If I use a vlookup function, can I have three result cells? In othe
> words, if the value in a1 is found in the lookup table and there ar
> three columns (offsets) that could be used as correct answers, can 
> display all three? * 


As an example, if you have the following table on Sheet 1,

Sheet 1

Red	         1	2	3
Blue	         4	5	6
Green   	  7	8	9

and you want to return mutliple results for a lookup value, say Blue
then on Sheet 2, assuming that your lookup value is in A1, selec
B1:D1, and enter the following array formula:


to be entered using CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER,  and you'll get the followin

Sheet 2

Blue	        4	 5	6

Hope this helps

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6/24/2004 7:26:39 PM
Barrym wrote:
> *If I use a vlookup function, can I have three result cells? In othe
> words, if the value in a1 is found in the lookup table and there ar
> three columns (offsets) that could be used as correct answers, can 
> display all three? * 

OK I'm a bit thick but I can't get this to work!


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6/24/2004 8:03:23 PM
Ok, first layout a table on Sheet 1 like the one I gave for an example.



and continue to complete the table.

Then switch over to Sheet 2 and enter Blue in A1.

Then select cells B1 to D1.  So you now have three cells highlight, an
Blue as your lookup value in A1.

Press = and enter this formula:


Then press, altogether, the following keys:  CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

Does this help

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6/24/2004 8:23:01 PM

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