vlookup for words content when there are duplicate values


Can somebody help me here.
Thanks in advance.

When I vlookup Material 1 to Material 2 for the Project No, I get
the vlookup Project No. as 222-56 for all the duplicate Material
How formula to use so that when there are duplicate values in
Material2, I want to have vlookup searching to match Project No.
containg "AA" as 1st choice ? (if no Project No. containing "AA", then
looks for its content "AB" and subsequently looks for "AC" if there is
no  "AB"). 

ColumnA		ColumnB		ColumnC
Material 2		Duplicate?	Project No.
224410		duplicate		222-AC
224410		duplicate		222-AB
224410		duplicate		222-AA
326544		no		110007

Material 1		Vlookup
224410		222-56
224410		222-56
224410		222-56
527770		#N/A

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9/19/2003 4:52:33 PM
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