Visual Basic macro run time error(13) type mismatch

I am having trouble to run the following VB macro. It basiclly fills one row 
of sheet with data extracted from Lotus Notes. Looks like VB can only make 
around 10 assignment statements. I have tried to comment out assignment 
statements at various places, the run time error always happened at around 9 
or 10th statements. 

I don't know Excel and VB very much though. I inherited this application 
from someone I don't know. And this application runs fine on my old windows 
2000 machine. But it failed on my newly upgrate windows XP pro machine.

Anyone know what's going on here?



Option Explicit

Const ID_COLUMN As Integer = 1
Const UNIQUE_ID_COLUMN As Integer = 2
Const NAME_COLUMN As Integer = 3
Const SCF_COLUMN As Integer = 4
Const OWNER_COLUMN As Integer = 5
Const CONNECTED_COLUMN As Integer = 6
Const LEAD_COLUMN As Integer = 7
Const BRANCHWK_COLUMN As Integer = 8
Const TEST_ENGINEER_COLUMN As Integer = 11
Const PRIORITY_COLUMN As Integer = 12
Const STATUS_COLUMN As Integer = 13
Const RELNAME_COLUMN As Integer = 14
Const RELTIME_COLUMN As Integer = 15
Const LATEST_COLUMN As Integer = 16

Private Declare Function CoRegisterMessageFilter Lib "OLE32.DLL" _
    (ByVal lFilterIn As Long, ByRef lPreviousFilter) As Long
Public Sub GetValues(doc As Object, TargetExcelSheet As Worksheet, ByVal 
counter As Integer)
   Dim var1, var2 As Variant
   Dim Anch As Range, addr As String

   With TargetExcelSheet
   .Cells(counter, ID_COLUMN).Value = doc.ID
   .Cells(counter, UNIQUE_ID_COLUMN).Value = doc.universalID
   .Cells(counter, NAME_COLUMN).Value = doc.Name
   .Cells(counter, LEAD_COLUMN).Value = doc.FELProduct
   .Cells(counter, OWNER_COLUMN).Value = doc.RespNames_tx
   .Cells(counter, CONNECTED_COLUMN).Value = doc.connectedid
   .Cells(counter, STATUS_COLUMN).Value = doc.FEStatus
   .Cells(counter, BRANCHWK_COLUMN).Value = doc.BranchWK
   .Cells(counter, LATEST_COLUMN).Value = doc.LatestComment
   .Cells(counter, TEST_REQUIRED_COLUMN).Value = doc.Required
   .Cells(counter, TEST_PERFORMED_COLUMN).Value = doc.Performed
   .Cells(counter, TEST_ENGINEER_COLUMN).Value = doc.LC2te
   .Cells(counter, TEST_ENGINEER_COLUMN) = GetNormalName(.Cells(counter, 
    ' Form SCF+team
    var1 = doc.FECFactory
    var2 = doc.FETeam
    If IsEmpty(var2) Then
       .Cells(counter, SCF_COLUMN).Value = var1(0)
        .Cells(counter, SCF_COLUMN).Value = var1(0) & " " & var2(0)
    End If

   .Cells(counter, PRIORITY_COLUMN).Value = doc.FePriority
   .Cells(counter, RELNAME_COLUMN).Value = doc.ReleasedName
   If Not IsEmpty((.Cells(counter, RELNAME_COLUMN))) Then
       .Cells(counter, RELTIME_COLUMN).Value = Right(.Cells(counter, 
RELNAME_COLUMN), Len("yyyy_wkww"))
       .Cells(counter, RELTIME_COLUMN).Value = "No BREL"
   End If
    ' create hyperlink to Notes - note! Requires Notes registry fix
   Set Anch = .Cells(counter, ID_COLUMN)
   addr = "notes://" & Range("server").Value & "/" & Range("path").Value & 
"/0/" & .Cells(counter, UNIQUE_ID_COLUMN)
   'txt = .Cells(counter, ID_COLUMN).Value

    ' this creates a clickable link into the cell defined, clicking the link 
will open the doc in Notes
   ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add anchor:=Anch, Address:=addr
   End With
End Sub

10/25/2005 6:28:02 AM
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