view cell content in header

Hi folks
Can I customise the header so the left section = the content of a cell
in the sheet eg A1.
All I seem to be able to do is add date, page etc etc..
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j5440 (4)
12/30/2005 1:53:19 PM
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You need some VBA code to do this:

You can use the workbook_beforeprint event to modify the header.

Option Explicit
Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
    With Me.Worksheets("sheet1")
        .PageSetup.LeftHeader = .Range("a1").Text
    End With
End Sub

This goes behind the ThisWorkbook module.

If you're new to macros, you may want to read David McRitchie's intro at:

John in Surrey wrote:
> Hi folks
> Can I customise the header so the left section = the content of a cell
> in the sheet eg A1.
> All I seem to be able to do is add date, page etc etc..
> thanks
> john
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Dave Peterson
petersod (12005)
12/30/2005 3:03:13 PM

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