Validation in Excel

Hi, I need to validate the format of user input in Excel.

For instance , If I have a cell which should only contains number, 
I want the user only be able to input number. 

I've tried to right-click the cell, choose "Format Cells", and go t
"Number" tab, and change the category from "General" to "Number" , bu
the I still can input anything in the cell.

Fyi, I'm using Windows 2000 and Excel 2000.


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10/31/2004 3:41:01 AM
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You want to use Data/Validation. Read about it in Help.

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004 22:41:01 -0500, susilo_saja
<> wrote:

>Hi, I need to validate the format of user input in Excel.
>For instance , If I have a cell which should only contains number, 
>I want the user only be able to input number. 
>I've tried to right-click the cell, choose "Format Cells", and go to
>"Number" tab, and change the category from "General" to "Number" , but
>the I still can input anything in the cell.
>Fyi, I'm using Windows 2000 and Excel 2000.

anonymous (74722)
10/31/2004 4:57:07 AM

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