Using Rept function

I want to repeat one cells entry somewhere else in my (same) worksheet and have used the Rept function successfully. However, ifthe 1st cell (e.g. A3 is in date format like 12/12/2003, when I use the Rept A3,1 function in another cell (e.g.cell R3), it returns the date as a number (37967). What I want is for the date to be repeated exactly as is (12/12/2003 or whatever date is typed).
Can anyone help please
anonymous (74722)
1/8/2004 2:46:05 PM
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Don't use the REPT function.  Just enter =A3 and apply the date format you
want using Format, Cells if you do not automatically get it.

Jim Rech
Excel MVP

jrrech (1932)
1/8/2004 3:31:25 PM
You can't unless you use text function.
Having said that, why are you using the REPT function?
If all that you want is the value in A3 you can use


as opposed to


then format the same as in A3, or use


which will return the date like 12/12/2003 but it will be text which I
suppose is OK unless you are doing calculations

Dates in excel counts days since Jan 0 1900 and 12/12/03 is the same as
37967 days from 01/00/1900



Peo Sjoblom

"ron c" <> wrote in message
> I want to repeat one cells entry somewhere else in my (same) worksheet and
have used the Rept function successfully. However, ifthe 1st cell (e.g. A3
is in date format like 12/12/2003, when I use the Rept A3,1 function in
another cell (e.g.cell R3), it returns the date as a number (37967). What I
want is for the date to be repeated exactly as is (12/12/2003 or whatever
date is typed).
> Can anyone help please

terre08 (1112)
1/8/2004 3:34:55 PM

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