Using Pivot Table Function to Summarize


We are trying to summarize a long list of products that is Out of Stock in 
day-by-day format.  We are using the Pivot table function and hoping it will 
only summarize the items that has the "qty" number on it.  So when we review 
the list it will only display the Item #, Date & # of qty out of stock in 
day-by-day format (screenshot below).

Item #	07/05/05	07/06/05
20040	1	(blank)
20041	(blank)	(blank)
20042	2	3
20050	(blank)	(blank)
20051	(blank)	2
20052	(blank)	(blank)
20053	2	(blank)
20054	5	(blank)

How can we remove the available items in stock "all (blank) rows" so it only 
display the items that are Out of Stock & won't show (blank), (blank), 
(blank) across the row?   
Item #	07/05/05	07/06/05
20040	1	(blank)
20042	2	3
20051	(blank)	2
20053	2	(blank)
20054	5	(blank)	

Thank you in advance,
David4882 (672)
7/8/2005 3:46:03 AM
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