using common data in multiple sapreadsheets

I would like to copy the results from one range of cells 
in one worksheet of one workbook, to another cell in 
another worksheet in another workbook, can this be done? 
anonymous (74722)
11/26/2003 11:37:06 PM
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Sure if both workbooks are open:

workbooks("book1.xls").worksheets("sheet1").range("a1:b99").copy _

If you paste to one cell, then the copy|paste command will react just like you
did it manually.  It'll expand the destination range to be the same shape as the
original range.

Travis wrote:
> I would like to copy the results from one range of cells
> in one worksheet of one workbook, to another cell in
> another worksheet in another workbook, can this be done?


Dave Peterson
ec35720 (10082)
11/27/2003 2:40:54 AM

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