Using a NAME as a reference in another range

* The value in cell A1 varies depending on the number of rows of data brought 
down in a query
* I have used the 'NAME' function to name cell A1 '_DataRows'

I now want to use '_DataRows' to identify the end of a range in a SUMPRODUCT 
formula.  (i.e.  a formula something like this...)


How do I do this (see examples below).

Many Thanks,



Example 1:
If cell A1 = 25
Formula in cell B2:  =SUMPRODUCT 

Example 2:
If cell A1 = 38
Formula in cell B2:  =SUMPRODUCT 

cdavidson (21)
10/17/2005 3:22:03 PM
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Change each portion to something like:
=sumproduct(--(INDIRECT("$D$1:$D$" & _datarows)=XYZ), ....

If you query would return 400 lines at most, why not just use $d$1:D$1000?

(choose a number that's big enough to never be exceeded--but don't use the whole

cdavidson wrote:
> * The value in cell A1 varies depending on the number of rows of data brought
> down in a query
> * I have used the 'NAME' function to name cell A1 '_DataRows'
> I now want to use '_DataRows' to identify the end of a range in a SUMPRODUCT
> formula.  (i.e.  a formula something like this...)
> (--($D$1:$D$"_DataRows"=XYZ),--($D$1:$D"_DataRows"<>""),--($E$1:$E"_DataRows"))
> How do I do this (see examples below).
> Many Thanks,
> Craig
> -------------------------------------------
> Example 1:
> ---------------
> If cell A1 = 25
> Formula in cell B2:  =SUMPRODUCT
> (--($D$1:$D$25=XYZ),--($D$1:$D$25<>""),--($E$1:$E$25))
> Example 2:
> ---------------
> If cell A1 = 38
> Formula in cell B2:  =SUMPRODUCT
> (--($D$1:$D$38=XYZ),--($D$1:$D$38<>""),--($E$1:$E$38))


Dave Peterson
petersod (12005)
10/17/2005 3:31:01 PM

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