Upgrade Excel 5.0

I currently have Excel 5.0.  Is it possible to purchase 
upgrades for this version?  I would like to upgrade it to 
at least Excel 97 but preferably further.
eianiero (1)
10/2/2003 6:16:37 PM
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Hi Elizabeth

5 is old. Old like vintage. I don't think upgade licenses go more than a version or two
back, so 5 wouldn't qualify for that.

Worse perhaps is that only the current version is for sale at any time. That would be
Excel XP for a few more days, until 2003 version arrives. You could always check the
secondhand market and online auctions like www.ebay.com for older versions. There are a
few new cool things in each new version, I think 2000 is the absolutely oldest one to
consider -meaning don't spend money on 97 (unless you're a "version collector" like me).

All this said, keep your copy of Excel 5 too, at least on discs. It's very cool. Like a
classic car.

HTH. Best wishes Harald
Followup to newsgroup only please.

"Elizabeth" <eianiero@ups.com> wrote in message
> I currently have Excel 5.0.  Is it possible to purchase
> upgrades for this version?  I would like to upgrade it to
> at least Excel 97 but preferably further.
> Thanks.

innocent1 (11)
10/2/2003 9:03:22 PM

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