Updating Data from two different worksheets

I have two worksheets, General Ledger and Out Ledger. The general ledge
lists our inventory according to a LOT ID and the total number of item
in that lot; i.e. column A: Lot ID, column B: Total Number of Pieces
column C: Balance

The Out Ledger lists the number of items sold from a particular lot
i.e. column A: Lot ID, column B: Number Sold

I want to be able to calculate the Balance in the General Ledger give
the Number Sold in the Out Ledger. I am having difficulty in makin
sure the Lot ID's match up and that the proper cells are referenced.

Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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As long as LOT ID's are unique, I would create a vlookup in the G
worksheet.  First of all, I would rename your horizontal heading
something like this in the GL tab:
LOT ID#  - should be unique
Beginning Inv Balance
# of Units Sold - this will be found from the Out Ledger usin
vlookup as discussed below.
Balance - Beginning Inv minus # of units sold * cost

The Out Ledger tab can be left alone.

THe VLookup formula in # of units sold cell will be as follows:


Just ensure when copying this formula down that you use dollar signs o
your reference table.

Hope this helps!


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2/25/2004 11:47:05 PM

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