Update linked formulas between workbooks

We have 2 workbooks where staff enter daily totals.  The totals in these
2 worksbooks need to be combined for a grand total.  I created a
formula that adds Day 1 of workbook1 to Day 1 of workbook2.  However,
we must save both workbooks, and close/reopen the one with the formula
to update the total.  I tried using Edit/Links but that didn't work. 
Any suggestions?

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12/17/2003 4:40:19 AM
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Check that 'Update remote references' is checked un


"lbabli" <lbabli.yke8y@excelforum-nospam.com> wrote in message
> We have 2 workbooks where staff enter daily totals.  The totals in these
> 2 worksbooks need to be combined for a grand total.  I created a
> formula that adds Day 1 of workbook1 to Day 1 of workbook2.  However,
> we must save both workbooks, and close/reopen the one with the formula
> to update the total.  I tried using Edit/Links but that didn't work.
> Any suggestions?
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12/17/2003 6:58:09 AM

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