Transforming Table into Matrix

Hi there,

I hope you can help me.

*Table * of *3 columns*:
-column 1-: up to 60.000 terms
-column 2:- up to 60.000 terms (mostly the same as in column 1; jus
different order
(column 1 and 2 are representing a connotation)
-column 3-: weighting of connotation

In order to conduct a better evaluation of the data (connotations) 
need to *transform * the *Table-Sheet * into a *Matrix*,
- having 2 coordinates: 1 coordinate representing column 1, on
representing column 2 
- filled data (crossing of the terms) representing the weighting of th

Is there a possibility to handle this with Excel or another tool? I
yes, how?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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11/4/2005 5:37:51 PM
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