Time Sheet #4

Need information to create a time sheet with 9 minute 
increments.  ie: cell A3 time 1:03 PM, want A4 to read 
1:12PM, A5 to read 1:21 PM, etc to A38 to read 6:36 PM

Any help appreciated
anonymous (74722)
5/4/2004 3:26:04 PM
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one way:

A4:     =A3 + TIME(0,9,0)

Copy down as far as necessary.

In article <828801c431ec$1d3df8a0$a101280a@phx.gbl>,
 "George A. Yorks" <anonymous@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote:

> Need information to create a time sheet with 9 minute 
> increments.  ie: cell A3 time 1:03 PM, want A4 to read 
> 1:12PM, A5 to read 1:21 PM, etc to A38 to read 6:36 PM
> Any help appreciated
jemcgimpsey (6723)
5/4/2004 3:31:58 PM

Formula in A4:
Fill downwards as long as you need.

There are 1440 minutes in a day, so that's where the number comes from.

HTH. Best wishes Harald

"George A. Yorks" <anonymous@discussions.microsoft.com> skrev i melding
> Need information to create a time sheet with 9 minute
> increments.  ie: cell A3 time 1:03 PM, want A4 to read
> 1:12PM, A5 to read 1:21 PM, etc to A38 to read 6:36 PM
> Any help appreciated

stf (176)
5/4/2004 3:32:48 PM

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