Time formatting #3

Just a quick question one of my calculations returns a length of tim
in hours in a decimal format. I was wondering if there was a way t
format the cell so that for example if the figure 53.5 was returne
then the cell would display the value 53:30
(for 53 hours 30 minutes). the best that i can get so far is using "
?/60" to return:
53 30/60
This isn't as neat as i would like. I have tried the date/tim
formatting options but they only seem to return things like 12:00:00.
Any ideas

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9/15/2005 10:20:14 AM
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Don't think it can be done as the decimal part refers to parts of 60, not
parts of 10/100/1000 etc, so it needs a conversion, which isn't a natural
facet of formatting.


Bob Phillips

"dziw" <dziw.1ved6c_1126782307.1628@excelforum-nospam.com> wrote in message
> Hi
> Just a quick question one of my calculations returns a length of time
> in hours in a decimal format. I was wondering if there was a way to
> format the cell so that for example if the figure 53.5 was returned
> then the cell would display the value 53:30
> (for 53 hours 30 minutes). the best that i can get so far is using "#
> ?/60" to return:
> 53 30/60
> This isn't as neat as i would like. I have tried the date/time
> formatting options but they only seem to return things like 12:00:00.
> Any ideas?
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> dziw
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bob.phillips1 (6510)
9/15/2005 11:14:49 AM
I do not think there is any format, but you can create something like
it. If you assume the result of your calculations is in cell A1, then
In cell A2 write:
In stead of "A1" you can write your calculation, but then it can get a
little complicated


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9/15/2005 12:30:43 PM

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