Templates to control a group of worksheets

Hi everyone. 
I am trying to develop a small home project but as it 
develops, I keep wanting to make changes to it, and then 
have to go through and change each of the worksheets. 
What is the best way of establishing some kind of 
template so that I can make alterations to the 'master' 
copy which will be reflected in the other worksheets, but 
not lose any data in these. This problem has been 
bothering me for ages. Big respect to anyone who can help 
me fix it!

anonymous (74722)
10/15/2003 11:16:01 AM
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It depends on what sort of changes you are making. 

If you are changing the formatting or layout of your sheets and they
all look the same (ie rows and columns in the same place) then you can
select all the sheets and changes you make will be effected on all

Select Sheets 1, 2, 3.  Select Col A, make it Bold and you will have
made Col A bold in each sheet.  It works for inserting/deleting
rows/columns etc. as well.

Hope this helps.

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10/15/2003 11:32:38 AM

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