Table in Text Box?

I have a Budget numbers spreadsheet, and there is also a text box where I am providing a description of the product.  I would like to put a table in the text box to show some history, but there does not seem to be a way to do this...Is there anyway to add a table to a text box

I have tried inputing the numbers manually without a table, but the numbers never seem to be flush - Is there a way to set the tabs to be equal?  My chart winds up looking like this - If you get the idea..

X    $15K      
Y   $14K       
Z    $17K       

Thank you
anonymous (74722)
4/19/2004 1:56:02 PM
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> Is there anyway to add a table to a text box?

Not that I've heard of, in Excel. If you're talking purely presentation
purposes, you can put a table in a text box in Word. Which you could then
paste into Excel as a picture.


andy.j.brown (443)
4/19/2004 3:32:17 PM
I may be misunderstanding, but it sounds like the main problem is th
spacing in the text box?  If this is the case it is due to most fon
being personal spaced (or some such description).  This means that th
letter I takes up much less room than the letter O.  To get around thi
(if it is your problem) change the font in the text box to Courier o
some other font where all characters take up the same amount of width.

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4/19/2004 3:42:57 PM

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