Summary page -advancing name of sheet

I have a workbook with 52 sheets, the names of which alternate in the following pattern:  BioPP15,  AAPP15,  BioPP16,  AAPP16,  BioPP17, AAPP17, etc.

I have a summary page which I'm using for certain key #'s from each sheet.
Example of formula for sheet BioPP15 -   =BioPP15!$21

Question - how do I need to edit this formula so that when I drag it down it will read
=BioPP18!$21  etc.

Thanks in advance
Chi dara fine al gran dolore? L'ore.
carrera (24)
7/7/2004 8:32:01 PM
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To start with, =BioPP15!$21 is not a valid cell address.

Perhaps you meant =BioPP15!A$21

To increment sheet numbers use the following

=INDIRECT("BioPP" & (ROW()) & "!A$1")

Drag/copy down and it will increment.

Your start row will have to be adjusted.

Gord Dibben Excel MVP

On Wed, 7 Jul 2004 13:32:01 -0700, "carrera"
<> wrote:

>I have a workbook with 52 sheets, the names of which alternate in the following pattern:  BioPP15,  AAPP15,  BioPP16,  AAPP16,  BioPP17, AAPP17, etc.
>I have a summary page which I'm using for certain key #'s from each sheet.
>Example of formula for sheet BioPP15 -   =BioPP15!$21
>Question - how do I need to edit this formula so that when I drag it down it will read
>=BioPP18!$21  etc.
>Thanks in advance

7/7/2004 11:17:48 PM
Good Morning Gord
You're right, I inadvertantly left off the column designation in my question. Good catch.  It was in my formula though.

I'll try this solution as soon as I can.
Thanks for the assist.
Chi dara fine al gran dolore? L'ore.

"Gord Dibben" wrote:

> carrera
> To start with, =BioPP15!$21 is not a valid cell address.
> Perhaps you meant =BioPP15!A$21
> To increment sheet numbers use the following
> =INDIRECT("BioPP" & (ROW()) & "!A$1")
> Drag/copy down and it will increment.
> Your start row will have to be adjusted.
> Gord Dibben Excel MVP
> On Wed, 7 Jul 2004 13:32:01 -0700, "carrera"
> <> wrote:
> >I have a workbook with 52 sheets, the names of which alternate in the following pattern:  BioPP15,  AAPP15,  BioPP16,  AAPP16,  BioPP17, AAPP17, etc.
> >
> >I have a summary page which I'm using for certain key #'s from each sheet.
> >Example of formula for sheet BioPP15 -   =BioPP15!$21
> >
> >Question - how do I need to edit this formula so that when I drag it down it will read
> >=BioPP16!$21
> >=BioPP17!$21
> >=BioPP18!$21  etc.
> >
> >Thanks in advance
carrera (24)
7/8/2004 1:03:03 PM

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