sumif function #8

i have 2columns 
A1                 a2
a                    8
b                    5
a                    3
c                    2
c                     1
I am trying to sum the a2 col if a1 =a,b, or c
I was using sumif but not getting the right answer, is this the righ
function?? if so whats the format of the formul

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6/10/2004 1:11:58 PM
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Frank Kabel
Frankfurt, Germany

> i have 2columns
> A1                 a2
> a                    8
> b                    5
> a                    3
> c                    2
> c                     1
> I am trying to sum the a2 col if a1 =a,b, or c
> I was using sumif but not getting the right answer, is this the right
> function?? if so whats the format of the formula
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frank.kabel (11126)
6/10/2004 1:22:59 PM
Frank I tried that with no success, does the dashes after "sumproduct
suppose to mean something?

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6/10/2004 1:48:55 PM
yes. Just leave them :-)

Frank Kabel
Frankfurt, Germany

> Frank I tried that with no success, does the dashes after
> suppose to mean something??
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frank.kabel (11126)
6/10/2004 2:06:59 PM
Hi try:




Soo Cheon Jheong
Seoul, Korea
_  _

exceler1 (19)
6/10/2004 5:26:19 PM

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