Sum Different Rows & Columns

I need some assistance with making the following calculation.   Eac
week a person shoots a score. They can have anywhere from 1-12 score
over a 12 week period, but no more than 1 per week.

Each week a calculation is made to generate "bonus points" which ar
added the next time they register a score.

I need to find a way to:

1) Locate the current week's score for each unique person.

2) Add the "bonus points" calculated in their previous record (which i
tabulated in a different column).

The data is in the following format:

Date Person Score Total Bonus
15-Jan  Mike 10  10  5
15-Jan  Jane 15  15  3
22-Jan  Mike 17  22  2
22-Jan  Jane 10  13  4
27-Jan  Jane 15  19  3
27-Jan  Mike  5    7   8

Thanks in advance for your assistance

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Dear Tally

My suggestion would be to create a pivot table based on 
the sheet containing the scores (The sheet containing the 
sample data you provided).

Firstly I would insert two new fields into your 
data, "Week Number" and "Period Number"
In the "Week Number" field enter =WEEKNUM(C2,2) where C2 
is the first cell containg the date.
In the "Period Number" field enter =IF(B2 <12,"Set 1",IF
(B2 <12>=24,"Set 2",IF(B2 <24>=36,"Set 3","Set 4"))) where 
B2 is the first cell containing the week number calculated 
above. You can obviously change the week number parameters 
in the formula above to suit the range that you want. Copy 
and paste bot of these formulas into as many cells down as 
you have dates for.

The reason for adding these two new fields is that they 
will be handy for using in the pivot table.

Inset a pivot table on a new worksheet. Use $A$:$G$ as the 
range.this will show all the data that you want, 
summarised by person and week number. In my test I used 
the week number as a column field, the Person as the row 
field, and both the score and bonus in the data area. I 
put the Period number in the page field area, but it could 
just as easily be placed as a row field.

I hope this goes some way to solving your problem


If you need more detail (eg a step by step based on the 
above) please feel free to email me direct.

Kind regards

>-----Original Message-----
>I need some assistance with making the following 
calculation.   Each
>week a person shoots a score. They can have anywhere from 
1-12 scores
>over a 12 week period, but no more than 1 per week.
>Each week a calculation is made to generate "bonus 
points" which are
>added the next time they register a score.
>I need to find a way to:
>1) Locate the current week's score for each unique person.
>2) Add the "bonus points" calculated in their previous 
record (which is
>tabulated in a different column).
>The data is in the following format:
>Date Person Score Total Bonus
>15-Jan  Mike 10  10  5
>15-Jan  Jane 15  15  3
>22-Jan  Mike 17  22  2
>22-Jan  Jane 10  13  4
>27-Jan  Jane 15  19  3
>27-Jan  Mike  5    7   8
>Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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paul_falla (99)
1/29/2004 12:24:03 PM

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