Subtotals #2

When the value in column A changes, I need the amount-
subtotals for each of the values in columns B and C.

(See sample spreadsheet below

For example, for "687223007-5", I need:

For "19-038":   $  388.89
For "68-1366":      30.36
For "68-1378":       3.51
For "68-1856":      12.72
For "68-2232":     332.91
For "68-4115":     353.20

(Keep in mind that, for the value in column A, the number 
of entries in columns B and C may range from 1 to ???).

    A             B        C           D

687196004-9	19-002 		    2,335.30
687223007-5		68-1366	       20.24
687223007-5		68-1378	        2.34
687223007-5		68-1856	        8.48
687223007-5		68-2232	      223.68
687223007-5		68-4115	      242.40
687223007-5	19-038 		      257.82
687223007-5		68-1366	       10.12
687223007-5		68-1378	        1.17
687223007-5		68-1856	        4.24
687223007-5		68-2232	      109.23
687223007-5		68-4115	      110.80
687223007-5	19-038 		      131.07
687233016-4		68-2232	       22.58
687233016-4	19-003 		       76.24
687233016-4		68-2232	       27.72
687233016-4	19-003 		       78.24
687233016-4		68-2232	       28.76
687233016-4	19-003 		       80.78
687252002-0		68-1366	       31.38
687252002-0		68-1378	        3.64
687252002-0		68-1856	        8.48
687252002-0		68-2232	      134.82
687252002-0		68-4115	      129.12
687252002-0	19-003 		      465.10
687252002-0		68-1366	       31.38
687252002-0		68-1378	        3.64
687252002-0		68-1856	        8.48
687252002-0		68-2232	      139.80
687252002-0		68-4115	      129.96
687252002-0	19-003 		      480.18
689151007-7		68-2683	       60.00
689151007-7		68-2694	       10.78
689151007-7		68-2695	       26.58
689151007-7	17-001 		      513.52
689151007-7		68-1865	        4.68
689151007-7		68-2683        60.00
689151007-7		68-2694	       11.86
689151007-7		68-2695	       30.56
689151007-7	17-001 		      401.74
689151007-7		68-1865	        4.68
689151007-7		68-2683	       60.00
689151007-7		68-2694	       12.86
689151007-7		68-2695	       33.62
689151007-7	17-001 		      416.12
689151007-7		68-1865	        4.68
689151007-7		68-2683	       60.00
689151007-7		68-2694	       13.66
689151007-7		68-2695	       40.46
689151007-7	17-001 		      424.04
689151007-7		68-1865	        4.68
689151007-7		68-2683	       60.00
689151007-7		68-2694	       13.66
689151007-7		68-2695        40.46
689151007-7		68-4612	        9.90
689151007-7	17-001 		      438.38

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2/20/2004 1:04:10 AM
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If you arrange the data slightly you can use excel's built 
in SubTotals function (Data Menu)

I have rearrange the data so that partnos? appear in one 
column. There is a macro to do this if this arrangement is 
suitable. The one following.

Sub MovePartNo()
  Dim c As Variant
  Dim i As Long, nr As Long
  Dim rng As Range
  nr = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountA(Range("A:A"))
  Set rng = Range(Cells(2, 3), Cells(nr, 3))
' Copy column D parts to column C
  For Each c In rng
    If IsEmpty(c) Then
      c.Value = c.Offset(0, 1)
    End If
  Next c
' delete column D
  Columns("D:D").Delete shift:=xlToRight
End Sub

The following macro is just recorded it sorts the data by 
job number (old column A) and then by Part number then it 
creates subtotals each change in part# on price

Sub sortForSubTotals()
' Sort by Job then Part
    Selection.Sort Key1:=Range("B2"), Order1:=xlAscending, 
Key2:=Range("C2") _
        , Order2:=xlAscending, Header:=xlGuess, 
OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:= _
        False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom
' At each change in Part Sum Price
    Selection.Subtotal GroupBy:=3, Function:=xlSum, 
TotalList:=Array(4), _
        Replace:=True, PageBreaks:=False, 
End Sub

This might have to be altered to run with more data - Im 
not sure. The final data will look like this

Index	Job	Part no	Price
1	687196004-9	19-002	2,335.30
		19-002 Total	2,335.30
7	687223007-5	19-038	257.82
13	687223007-5	19-038	131.07
		19-038 Total	388.89
2	687223007-5	68-1366	20.24
8	687223007-5	68-1366	10.12
		68-1366 Total	30.36

This can be further condensed to this

Index	Job	Part no	Price
		19-002 Total	2,335.30
		19-038 Total	388.89
		68-1366 Total	30.36

If this is unsuitable someone will propably write another 
macro to suit you

>-----Original Message-----
>When the value in column A changes, I need the amount-
>subtotals for each of the values in columns B and C.
>(See sample spreadsheet below
>For example, for "687223007-5", I need:
>For "19-038":   $  388.89
>For "68-1366":      30.36
>For "68-1378":       3.51
>For "68-1856":      12.72
>For "68-2232":     332.91
>For "68-4115":     353.20
>(Keep in mind that, for the value in column A, the number 
>of entries in columns B and C may range from 1 to ???).
>                               Gary
>    A             B        C           D
>687196004-9	19-002 		    2,335.30
>687223007-5		68-1366	       20.24
>687223007-5		68-1378	        2.34
>687223007-5		68-1856	        8.48
>687223007-5		68-2232	      223.68
>687223007-5		68-4115	      242.40
>687223007-5	19-038 		      257.82
>687223007-5		68-1366	       10.12
>687223007-5		68-1378	        1.17
>687223007-5		68-1856	        4.24
>687223007-5		68-2232	      109.23
>687223007-5		68-4115	      110.80
>687223007-5	19-038 		      131.07
>687233016-4		68-2232	       22.58
>687233016-4	19-003 		       76.24
>687233016-4		68-2232	       27.72
>687233016-4	19-003 		       78.24
>687233016-4		68-2232	       28.76
>687233016-4	19-003 		       80.78
>687252002-0		68-1366	       31.38
>687252002-0		68-1378	        3.64
>687252002-0		68-1856	        8.48
>687252002-0		68-2232	      134.82
>687252002-0		68-4115	      129.12
>687252002-0	19-003 		      465.10
>687252002-0		68-1366	       31.38
>687252002-0		68-1378	        3.64
>687252002-0		68-1856	        8.48
>687252002-0		68-2232	      139.80
>687252002-0		68-4115	      129.96
>687252002-0	19-003 		      480.18
>689151007-7		68-2683	       60.00
>689151007-7		68-2694	       10.78
>689151007-7		68-2695	       26.58
>689151007-7	17-001 		      513.52
>689151007-7		68-1865	        4.68
>689151007-7		68-2683        60.00
>689151007-7		68-2694	       11.86
>689151007-7		68-2695	       30.56
>689151007-7	17-001 		      401.74
>689151007-7		68-1865	        4.68
>689151007-7		68-2683	       60.00
>689151007-7		68-2694	       12.86
>689151007-7		68-2695	       33.62
>689151007-7	17-001 		      416.12
>689151007-7		68-1865	        4.68
>689151007-7		68-2683	       60.00
>689151007-7		68-2694	       13.66
>689151007-7		68-2695	       40.46
>689151007-7	17-001 		      424.04
>689151007-7		68-1865	        4.68
>689151007-7		68-2683	       60.00
>689151007-7		68-2694	       13.66
>689151007-7		68-2695        40.46
>689151007-7		68-4612	        9.90
>689151007-7	17-001 		      438.38
2/20/2004 2:34:09 AM

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