stop macro recording button missing

When I record a macro the stop recording toolbar is not 
displayed. How do I get it to display?
anonymous (74722)
11/4/2003 7:25:35 PM
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Select "Stop Recording"


ray wrote:

> Hi
> When I record a macro the stop recording toolbar is not
> displayed. How do I get it to display?
> Ray

jwilson (359)
11/4/2003 7:31:14 PM
You might have to do that while recording a macro..



Peo Sjoblom

"John Wilson" <> wrote in message
> ray,
> View/Toolbars
> Select "Stop Recording"
> John
> ray wrote:
> > Hi
> > When I record a macro the stop recording toolbar is not
> > displayed. How do I get it to display?
> > TIA
> > Ray

terre08 (1112)
11/4/2003 7:57:55 PM

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