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UDQ Services has years of experience with MS Excel and VBA (Visual Basic for 
Application) and has developed various kinds of utility programs, add-ins, 
templates, spreadsheet applications, and database applications.

For MS Excel: File Password Protection, Sheets/Range Password Protection, 
Conditional Formatting and Custom Formatting, Data Validation, List, Forms 
and Controls, Array Functions, Database Functions, Value Lookup Functions, 
Range Names, Customize Menu and Toolbar, Solver, Goal Seek, Scenario 
Analysis, Statistic Analysis, Group and Outline, Subtotal, Filter and 
Advanced Filter, Sort, Database Query and Web Query, Pivot Table and Pivot 
Chart, XML, and Macros.

For Excel VBA: User-Defined Functions, Macros, Work with 
Ranges/Charts/Sheets/Workbooks/Files/Directories, Forms and Controls for GUI 
(Graphic User Interface), Customize Menu/Toolbars, API, External Database 
Access via SQL, Extraction of Data from Internet, Extraction of Data from 
External ASCII Files, Interact with Other Offices Applications (like Word, 
Outlook), Class Module, etc.

VB6/Access/Others: UDQ Services also has experience with MS Access(Table, 
Form, Query, Reports, Stored Procedure, Macro, VBA, Database Application), 
VB6(ADO, DAO, Objects, API, ActiveX), Java, PHP, MySQL, Apache, HTML,C/C++, 
SPSS, Matlab, etc.

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List of Recent Projects:

P001: Mortgage Transaction Spreadsheet Database
Developed a spreadsheet database application, which includes a user-friendly 
loan transaction entry interface, password protected administrative page to 
allow add/remove loan officer and loan manager, monthly and annual report 
for loan officers / managers, monthly state report, etc.

P002: Customer List Converted from Excel Table to Word
Developed an interface to convert a list of customers from an Excel table 
into a new Word document, one customer per page, including user-specified 

P003: Amortization Calculator
Developed an amortization calculator: based on user specified loan amount, 
interest rate, and term, calculate the monthly payment, total payment, total 
interest payment, payment schedule table, interest rate sensitivity charts, 

P004: Account Data Extraction from Internet
Developed a utility program to extract housing pricing/tax payment 
information from a government website based on a list of house address.

P005: Sales Invoice Database
Developed a spreadsheet database for sales invoicing. If user input an 
existing customer, then the shipping/billing address, VAT number, Account 
Number, etc. for that customer will be automatically filled into the 
invoice, otherwise, the new customer entry will be automatically added to 
the existing customer list database, automatically fill product information, 
calculate the invoice, create monthly and annual report for sales.

P006: Data Extraction from Hundreds of ASCII Files
Developed a spreadsheet application with user-friendly interface for 
importing data from hundreds for external ASCII files based on 
user-specified keywords.

P007: Mass Email based on Criteria
Developed a mass email program using Spreadsheet. Based on criteria (replied 
or not), send email (reminder) to each individual in the list with different 
body contents, different subject, and different salutation lines - about 
1000 emails in the list.

www.geocities.com/UDQServices        UDQServices@GMail.com 

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Hi I have this piece of code in my app.... Call searchRange.AdvancedFilter(Action:=xlFilterCopy, CopyToRange:=tempWorksheet.Cells(1, 1), Unique:=True) It seems to duplicate the first item in cells A1 & A2. Any ideas why? Thanks Ben Advanced filter likes to have a row of headers. I'm betting that you don't have one--and your first two rows are the same--so excel sees the first row as headers and the second as data. Ben wrote: > > Hi > I have this piece of code in my app.... > > Call searchRange.AdvancedFilter(Action:=xlFilterCopy, > CopyToRange:=tempWo...

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Have a look at the sumif statement that populates the temperature array I didn't think it would work but it seems to. Regards, Tim Fabe -- Message posted from http://www.ExcelForum.com ...

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I am looking for any information regarding the conversion of an MS Access VBA project with backend of Oracle to either Visual Basic or VB.Net. Has anyone done any conversion like this and if so, do they have any recommendations, issues to share? Thanks! ...

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I have a small Excel 2003 workbook 1,300kb that takes 3 to 5 minutes to open. It was created in 2006 and has been opened daily since then. One sheet in the book is overwritten each morning with a paste from a web site. That one sheet has litterly thousands of VBA procedures like the one below (No code just the Sub - end sub). They must be being created automatically from the html paste each morning. Private Sub HTMLHidden999_Click() End Sub I suspect upon open, VBA is inspecting and compiling each sub causing the slow to open problem. 1) Am I correct?...

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Hi - I am a newbie vis-a-vis VBA. I am trying to copy data off of an invoice (that keeps changing every day) to a single spreadsheet. So far, I have used the following code: Sub CopyCells() Dim rngData As Range, rngDest As Range Dim i, j As Integer Set rngData = Sheets("Invoice").Range("A16:g35") Set rngDest = Sheets("InvData").Range("A1").End(xlDown).Offset(1, 0) For i = 1 To rngData.Rows.Count If rngData.Cells(i, 1) <> "" Then rngDest.Offset(j, 0).Value = Sheets("Invoice")....

Updating Excel spreadsheet with code.
I have a client who needs a small spreadheet to be e- mailed to his PDA on request. I have compiled a VBS script which does this without a hitch, however, the spreadsheet updates itself from Bloomberg and other resources on the network. Is there anyway to run a scheduled task or VCB code which will open this file unattended thus updating the data. The file is password protected. ...

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Hello All, I've found useful VBA on this forum for activating my Hyperlink in cell A1 of my Excel spreadsheet : ActiveSheet.Range("A1").Hyperlinks(1).Follow My Hyperlink in Cell A1 is made up of a Concatenate using cells from different worksheets. Such as below : =HYPERLINK((CONCATENATE(HoldPoints!$A$1,HoldPoints!A2),A3) If I click on it, it opens fine, however, if I try to open it with the vba code above, I get an error message "Subscript out of range". I've tried different combinations. It always works by clicking, but not by the vba code. However - If i...

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Having used the FollowHyperlink method to open an html document, from within an Excel vba macro, the focus moves to Intenet Explorer. How can I return the focus from the html document to the Excel spreadsheet from within the vba macro? The code that I am using for the hyperlink is: ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Address:="Parish Lists.htm", NewWindow:=True TIA Chris ...

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I have a query that is being exported to a Excel spreadsheet. I am using the VBA Docmd.TransferSpreadsheet command to export the spreadsheet. The users will then open the spreadsheet and use the autosum function to get a total for 2 columns. A request was made to have these 2 columns with the totals already in place when the spreadsheet is opened. Is there any way in Access that I can open the spreadsheet and somehow the totals for the 2 columns? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You, Joe V You'll have to use Automation. See whether my July, 2005 "Access...

Giving Null a value in a VBA stamtement
Hi all, I am writing some VBA code in Access03 in a fields after update event. The field types are decimal (18,1). I am trying to write a SQL statement which looks like this: Docmd.RUNSQL UPDATE tblStorageShip SET tblStorageShip.AmountLeftmg = ([tblStorageShip]![NumberLeftAliquotSize1]*[tblStorageShip]! [SizeUGAliquotSize1])+([tblStorageShip]! [NumberLeftAliquotSize2]*[tblStorageShip]![SizeUGAliquotSize2]); And if one of the fields is a NULL i get a NULL return for that record. Can I somehow set NULL to euqal 0 for this set of code instruction so anytime it wencounters a null while exec...

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Hello, I need help. I made a pivot table for a report based on brand totals , i wish to add the % change in Dollar & Units for each. ... How do i do that? Please help. Hi, Add two columns in your spreadsheet with those calculations and add them into the PV, "BGuzman" wrote: > Hello, I need help. > I made a pivot table for a report based on brand totals , i wish to add the > % change in Dollar & Units for each. ... How do i do that? > Please help. I did that. Here is an example of my report: Attr - Brand Level Dollar Sales Unit Sal...

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Using Office XP - I work with Excel every day. I like to insert a footer containing the filename, date, and page #'s on each of my spreadsheets. Is there a way that I can create a default footer that will appear on each of my spreadsheets (especially new spreadsheets) without having to go into each spreadsheet individually like I'm doing now? Thanks for the response, but I don't have a Normal.xlt file. Before I posted my question here in this discussion group, I tried using Help in Excel. I tried following the instructions to "Save styles to use in new workbooks...

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OK let me explain... I have an excel file with 13,000 cancer cases. Each case (row) is identified by an individual patient's unique ID number and the year/month/day of their diagnosis. Each patient is listed in the database at least twice (at least 2 cancer diagnoses). Right now I have the data sorted by patient ID, then by date of diagnosis. I need to number the cases (in a new column) 1, 2, 3, etc. in the order they present for each individual patient. Example: Patient ID year_diagnosis NEW COLUMN 0001 1981 1 0001 1988 ...

Denying local saves of spreadsheets...
I have a question on the possibility of denying a server residing spreadsheet from being saved on a client computer. While the data in ? has been write potected, and, therefore, altered versions cannot be sent back to the server from a user, I am wondering if there is some way (Perhaps an Excel Macro?) to deny the user saving this spreadsheet to his machine. I welcome any help on this matter, and thank you in advance. In article <E8A6111D-5956-4B5F-9F97-C3B92CD9B97A@microsoft.com>, proy4 @csc.com says... > I have a question on the possibility of denying a server residing spread...

Spreadsheet corrupt on some users???
I created a document which now seems to be corrupt on my pc, it onl uses autosum (no macros or anythin) but i sent it to my mate and h can open and view it fine....what setting is stopping me from viewin my document correctly Any help would be most appreciated ps. this only happens with this document i can view others just fine -------- Message sent via www.excelforums.com "Corrupt" means what? Error message(s) upon opening? What are you expecting to see and what are you actually seeing that is not correct? Gord Dibben Excel MVP On Mon, 04 Oct 2004 09:00:08 -0700, ianwatson8...

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