Sorting data based on quarters of the year


Not quite sure of the best way to approach this problem

I need to filter the data in the table below into quarters

For each quarter i need to find the change in values,i need to subtrac
the open price in each quarter(Jan,Apr,Jul,Oct) from the closing pric
at the end of each quarter(Mar,Jun,Sept,Dec)

So for the latest quarter shown at the top of the table Apr-Jun(04),
the open in April would be 4,385.70 which i would like to subtract fro
the close in June 4,487 , 4,487-4,385.70 = 101.3

So for Apr-Jun(04) the market gained 101.3 

Date-----Open-- Close 
Jun-04 4,430.70 4,487 JUNE
May-04 4,489.70 4,431 MAY
Apr-04 4,385.70 4,490 APRIL
Mar-04 4,492.20 4,386 MARCH
Feb-04 4,390.70 4,492 FEBRUARY
Jan-04 4,476.90 4,391 JANUARY
Dec-03 4,342.60 4,477 DECEMBER
Nov-03 4,287.60 4,343 NOVEMBER
Oct-03 4,091.30 4,288 OCTOBER
Sep-03 4,161.10 4,091 SEPTEMBER

Thanks for the ideas


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