sort list using vba

I'm new to VBA, and I need to sort a list of data (name, team color), and 
then make it into a new list of people on team purple and one list of people 
on team yellow.  can anyone please help me? thanks
10/4/2005 7:31:31 PM
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Try recording a macro when you do it manually.  You may get very close to what
you want.

But it might be easier to just apply data|filter to your whole range.

Then you can filter by team color to just show the Purple team (Vikings???).

One other option is to look at how others approached the problem...

Both Debra Dalgleish and Ron de Bruin may have solutions for you:

Debra's site:

Create New Sheets from Filtered List -- uses an Advanced Filter to create
separate sheet of orders for each sales rep visible in a filtered list; macro
automates the filter. AdvFilterRepFiltered.xls 35 kb 


Update Sheets from Master -- uses an Advanced Filter to send data from
Master sheet to individual worksheets -- replaces old data with current.
AdvFilterCity.xls 55 kb 

Ron de Bruin's easyfilter.

vbabeginner wrote:
> I'm new to VBA, and I need to sort a list of data (name, team color), and
> then make it into a new list of people on team purple and one list of people
> on team yellow.  can anyone please help me? thanks


Dave Peterson
petersod (12005)
10/4/2005 9:20:33 PM

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