Sharing a workbook

One of our departments is sharing a workbook on a network 
drive.  One of them called me this morning and said he 
wasn't seeing all of the changes he made yesterday.  He 
closed the book and then opened it again and said he then 
saw part of the changes he made yesterday.  Does anyone 
know any reason why he wouldn't be seeing them?
This file is getting very large (11,614KB) and is taking a 
long time to save.  There are 3-4 people sharing this 
workbook. Thanks

anonymous (74722)
4/6/2004 2:53:01 PM
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"Bert" <> wrote in message
> One of our departments is sharing a workbook on a network
> drive.  One of them called me this morning and said he
> wasn't seeing all of the changes he made yesterday.  He
> closed the book and then opened it again and said he then
> saw part of the changes he made yesterday.  Does anyone
> know any reason why he wouldn't be seeing them?
> This file is getting very large (11,614KB) and is taking a
> long time to save.  There are 3-4 people sharing this
> workbook. Thanks

Shared workbook disasters.  I've never been much of a fan of these even
though we use them here.  I would, regularly, switch the workbook to stand
alone and back to shared.  Also, set track changes in advanced to 'Don't
keep change history' to try and keep workbook size under control.

Kind Regards

Andy B

4/6/2004 3:06:53 PM

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