Shared Workbooks #2

I have 1 book being shared by 2 users.  The book has 
approx 30 worksheets.  The sheets have a min of 10 rows to 
a max of 11,000 rows and 26 columns of data.  

User 1 and user 2 open the workbook and work on different 
sheets of the book at the same time. 

User 1 changes the format of cells, saves the changes and 
exits Excel.  

User 2 has the file open, continues to work on the 

user 1 reopens the book, makes changes, saves, and exits. 
When user 

2 saves and exits the book and user 1 reopens the book, 
the formatting is lost.

The file is also 24+mb, does this have a factor in this 

Please help.
anonymous (74722)
11/19/2003 12:06:00 AM
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